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The keto diet has become increasingly popular as celebrities including gwyneth paltrow lebron james and kim kardashian have touted it as a weight loss regimen. He lost a ton.

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Lebron james new york post illustration getty keto paleo vegan low carb no carb.

Lebron james keto diet. Cutting down all forms of dairy sugar and carbohydrates for more than 60 days he began to lose excess fat and brought down his weight. September 26 2014 10 38 am. But he shared how trying the diet affected him when he practiced a modified version for 67 days as a mental challenge in 2014.

Lebron james is a beast and there s plenty of information out there on the workouts that have helped him achieve g o a t. The keto diet is basically a way to trigger it without starving. What is keto diet.

Dietary fads have come and gone but it sounds like lebron james palate hasn t changed since childhood. Lebron james said his dramatic summer weight loss was due to a low carb ketogenic style paleo diet that eliminated sugar dairy and almost all carbs. His keto style eating focused mainly on consuming fish vegetables and fruits although he did allow himself a few treats.

Okay technically lebron isn t a regular keto eater. The 67 day diet that lebron james used to lose a ton of weight is too extreme for normal people. Ketosis is an evolutionary mechanism the body initiates to survive when food intake is low.

He has like five french toast for breakfast drowns. But there s been less focus on what the 6 8 250 lb nba star. This involves replacing foods high in.

James who has since regained some weight said he followed his strict diet for 67 days as a test of his mental fortitude and willpower.

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