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Lebron james stance on china flap weakens his voice on other issues because lebron james has not clarified his clarification or taken his talents to a pro democracy pr agency we are left with his. Lebron james made headlines with his remarks monday about china hong kong and a pro hong kong tweet some would say for all the wrong reasons.

Nba In China Lebron James Should Exercise Freespeech As Lakers Land Lebron James Nba Lebron James Usa Today Sports

20 2019 2 13 pm utc.

Lebron james china usa today. For the los angeles lakers. Lebron james has deep lucrative ties to china because of his partnership with nike which does considerable business there both as a manufacturer and apparel seller. 12 in shenzhen guangdong china.

That inflamed america s woke citizenry which sees sports stars as social. For the brooklyn nets. On behalf of the 327 million.

Billboard promoters outfront media were afraid that the adverts would upset the richest basketball player in the world according to the new york post. Los angeles when lebron james gets off a plane in china on tuesday he better be ready. Lebron james monday news conference played right into the hands of chinese government propaganda and undermined the values he has publicly espoused.

It s utterly amazing that lebron james can buy a 36 million beverly hills mansion from a bubble designed to cut him off from the outside world yet he can t find a way to champion basic human. Tim anderson of the center told the post. Zhong zhi getty images oct.

Reporters surely will be waiting. After nba star lebron james was skewered for criticizing houston rockets general manager daryl morey s tweet in support of pro democracy protests a chinese immigrant and author said on thursday. The fox news host famously advised lebron james to lay off the politicking and shut up and dribble two years ago.

Usa today calls lebron james china defense most disgraceful moment of his career posted by hannity staff 10 15 19 the backlash against nba superstar lebron james reached a fever pitch tuesday afternoon with a major american newspaper calling his pro china comments the most disgraceful moment of his career. Lebron james reacts during a preseason game at the 2019 nba global games china on oct.

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