Cristiano Ronaldo Have Any Tattoos

He cares about health care and this is an important movement that shows that tattoos are not essential for any person or at least that is what he wants to tell people. Ronaldo known for his efforts to help children overcome debilitating diseases skips the ink so that he can continue to donate blood.

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Cristiano ronaldo posts images on instagram when he makes the donation and that is really helpful to his personal image and brand.

Cristiano ronaldo have any tattoos. I don t have tattoos because i donate blood very often the 32 year old is has been a. So why doesn t ronaldo sport any tattoos. Well the answer is a big no.

Star footballer cristiano ronaldo doesn t have a single ink on his body yea i know its unusual wait till you see the reason why he wouldn t opt for an why i don t have any tattoos cristiano ronaldo reveals. Still there are some players like edinson cavani or andres iniesta who don t have any tattoo. Ronaldo who is also a bone marrow donor decided to first donate.

Ronaldo revealed early on in his career that the reason he doesn t have any tattoos is so that he can donate blood more frequently. Cristiano ronaldo does not have any tattoos because he frequently donates blood ronaldo revealed in 2012. Stories continue to emerge about cristiano doing good deeds around the world and one of those is that he regularly donates blood.

Many of them are marked with ink like sergio ramos lionel messi or mauro icardi. In that regard he differs from rival players such as lionel messi neymar and antoine griezmann. From then till now he doesn t have any single tattoo.

And the reason why he doesn t have any is really praiseworthy. While the majority of footballers are tattooed cristiano ronaldo doesn t have any. Cristiano ronaldo does not have any tattoos and does not appear to be interested in getting any.

In fact he is so devoted to giving blood that he refuses to get. But does cristiano ronaldo have any tattoos. Although with modern day technology one can donate blood even with tattoos but cristiano had earlier avoided getting a tattoo done in the early years of 2000 simply because he likes to donate blood quite often.

Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals Why He Doesn T Have Any Tattoos

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