Lebron James Dietary Habits

He told espn that he drinks wine pretty much every day and former cleveland cavaliers. As your mom always used to tell you breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Lebron James Unreal Diet And Food Habits Revealed By Tristan Thompson Essentiallysports

Lebron james cheat day diet if his instagram is any evidence james is known to enjoy a good glass of wine.

Lebron james dietary habits. Lebron s eating habits revealed by cleveland waitress king james likes his steak cut up into little pieces and loves apple martinis by david hill published february 21 2012 updated on. He has like five french toast drowns it in syrup with strawberries and bananas. Ask him what he eats.

However the biggest thing that stuck out to tristan thompson lebron s former teammate on the cleveland cavaliers was his bizarre diet. At 35 years old despite his age lebron james is easily the best player in the nba. He has the worst f ing diet ever.

Cheat diet thompson told the athletic s joe vardon and jason lloyd in an article full of anecdotes about james that the word king also fits the nba star s diet. For james a taco dish packed with protein carbohydrates and healthy fats is a ritual. It s also no surprise that he s still at the top of his game despite being at the backend of his career.

Lebron james strikes a balance between a phelps ian smorgasbord and a health nut s ideal meal plan. According to an interview james is known to have sleeping habits that match his height collecting an average of 12 hours of shut eye a day. After 17 seasons in the national basketball association playing for three different teams the cleveland cavaliers the miami heat and the los angeles lakers james has accumulated three championship rings three most valuable player awards and 16 all star game.

He reaps the recommended eight hours each night and then takes a much needed three hour nap after his fitness regimen of the day is finished. Both on form and what he s achieved in his long playing career. Ask him what he eats for breakfast thompson told the athletic.

How does this balance out. According to bornstein rituals lead to great habits. Bornstein further added that lebron james is consistent in eating good and healthy food.

His body both moves and looks like a well oiled engine. Lebron james is arguable one of the greatest basketball players of our time and he has the hardware and trophy cabinet to prove it. Bornstein who was aware of lebron james taco tuesday mentions that tacos aren t limited to tuesdays for his diet.

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