Cristiano Ronaldo Daily Routine In Hindi

The juventus and portugal star likes to eat as many as six times a day with fish the staple of the 34 year old s. Since his playing career in manchester united his body underwent a major transformation.

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout And Diet Plan Hindi इस ख ल ड क प र म इतन ज न ह क वह खड खड ह आध म द Herbalife Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo Workout

Cristiano ronaldo is probably one of the best soccer players in history and i m sure many of the people would want to have a body just like cristiano ronaldo.

Cristiano ronaldo daily routine in hindi. Cristiano ronaldo diet layout. Cristiano is a professional athlete who is guided by expert dieticians and fitness coaches. Barbell squat 8 reps 2.

Broad jump 8 reps 4. Five naps eats six times. Here is cristiano ronaldo s workout routine.

A day in the life of cristiano ronaldo daily routine workouts at home 2020 hd by top 10 today newsubscribe top 10 today new http bit ly 2xpm6ncvid. His daily workout. In order to achieve a fat free athletic physique he has worked very hard in both the training grounds and gym.

The second most important thing after exercise is to have an appropriate diet in order to build a body like ronaldo. Cristiano ronaldo s daily routine. So don t worry because now you can cristiano ronaldo just shared his weekend home workout routine a couple of days ago.

Box jump 20 inches 10 reps 3. Cristiano ronaldo workout routine. This circuit should be repeated 3 times.

Amazing facts about cristiano ronaldo in hindi क र स ट य न र न ल ड क ब र म ग ज ब. पढ ए cristiano ronaldo life story in hindi और ज न य क छ ऐस ब त ज आपन कह नह पढ ह ग. ज वन क स थ स थ आप क छ र चक ronaldo facts in hindi य न र न ल ड क ब र म तथ य भ पढ सकत.

The apt diet needs to be free from processed foods and include carbs and healthy fats. फ टन स र ट न म इ टरवल ट र न ग स कर ट व स ट ब र प लअप इल व ट ड प शअप च नअप एयर स क व ट श म ल ह व सप त ह म लगभग 5 द न 3 स 4 घ ट ह र डक र एक. Cristiano ronaldo workout routine and diet plan.

Within this routine ronaldo performs 5 exercises within a circuit routine and completes the circuit 3 times. For a bodybuilder like cristiano ronaldo the emphasis is on diet and cardio workout. Here is cristiano ronaldo s routine.

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