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James is currently in his 17th year in the nba and magic believes he is playing as well as he has ever played in his entire. That being said lebron james is my goat.

Lebron James Lebron James Lebron King James

Lebron is the goat and runs an offensive system that is impossible to stop.

Lebron james is the goat reddit. Magic johnson suggested lebron james had some work to do before catching up with michael jordan and eclipse him. The best teams were the pistons with no wallace bosh raptors pre drose bulls and injured old ass heat 21. There s a difference between constructive criticism and soft hating though.

But it s hard to compare eras because the game and the players with it have evolved. Michael jordan reacts to lebron james saying hes the goat i actually cringed please subscribe like comment. I ve seen it both ways come my way mostly the hate.

It s time to acknowledge that lebron james is now the best basketball player who ever lived the goat greatest of all time. Jordan by contrast had underrated supporting casts his entire career. He can flat out do more at a higher level than any other player that has ever played the game.

Get comfortable before reading this will take a lot of your time to digest. However magic believes that king james needs to win a few more championships to take the nba goat title. The only way to beat lebron is with better offense that will lead to better defense.

When the team isn t making shots it starts to hit 100 ortg. For me a 31 year old nba fan from cleveland who has watched lebron james since high school i just want to give me two cents. For my lebron fans this will give you all the firepower you need to win any goat debate.

Lebron responded on the same post. Idk i have a hunch this is fueled by last night s comments from the tnt crew mostly shaq s awkward interaction with donovan mitchell. T his is not another lebron james vs.

The ultimate goat argument for lebron james the following is a biased yet researched set of bullet points describing my opinions on why lebron james is the goat. You can hear it in their delivery. And that s that lebron james is the best basketball player i ve ever.

Lebron s team has consistently scored at an elite level above 115 ortg in their wins. Lebron s 2007 run is so overrated that eastern conference was terrible. Whenever lebron reaches another nba finals sports fans are treated to a tired picked over argument about the best player of all time.

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