Did Lebron James And Michael Jordan Ever Play Together

Michael jordan or lebron james. Like jordan before him james has had a brilliant career and is considered by many as the best player since jordan.

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The bridge between michael jordan and lebron james.

Did lebron james and michael jordan ever play together. And a privilege to play against him. He grew up idolizing mj dressing like him wearing his shoes and studying his play style. Lebron james and michael jordan are often pitted against one another in basketball debates with fans arguing which player truly is the greatest of all time.

Lebron is without a doubt the best basketball player. But despite his own success james said meeting jordan for the first time in june 2001 was godly for his 16 year old self. 787 views answer requested by.

Michael jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. Michael has yet to have a direct conversation with lebron james even after lebron broke some of his records this year and last year so it s safe to assume that they re not really close. Jordan and scottie pippen put together.

11 hall of famers weigh in on nba goat debate. On april 16 2003 michael jordan played the final game of his nba career. A few months later the cleveland cavaliers selected lebron james with the.

It is one of the essential questions in the modern era of sports fandom encompassing facts and biases statistics and anecdotal evidence and the ever shifting. Ever since lebron james was deemed as the chosen one there has been a conversation about whether he could surpass michael jordan as the greatest of all time. Kobe bryant bryant became the new giant after jordan and then passed the torch to james who developed a special bond with the retired lakers star.

Did lebron james play against michael jordan. Once he joined the league he even donned his number 23. Michael jordan vs lebron james.

He was the best i ve ever seen. After lebron james told the story of the first time he met jordan which was a stunning experience at 16 years old lebron then talked about the photo in question which didn t happen to be the. That however might change once lebron james finishes his career.

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