Usain Bolt On Cristiano Ronaldo

Former jamaican sprinter usain bolt is one of the fastest athletes in the world. The greatest footballer in recent time vs the fastest man alive which one do you prefer.

Usain Bolt Ronaldo Is More Of An All Round Player He Is Better Than Messi Usain Bolt Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo

Usain bolt believes juventus forward cristiano ronaldo would beat him in a race the quickest man in the world still holds the 100m sprint record at 9 58 seconds but bolt is confident super.

Usain bolt on cristiano ronaldo. Olympic gold medalist usain bolt has claimed that juventus star and super athlete cristiano ronaldo would now beat him in a 100m sprint due to his relentless pursuit of physical perfection. Usain bolt feels that cristiano ronaldo is a super athlete usain bolt believes cristiano ronaldo would beat him in a 100m sprint right now. But he believes a different star athlete is currently faster than him.

Usain bolt believes juventus and portugal ace cristiano ronaldo would now outrun him bolt retired from athletics in 2017 but the eight time olympic gold medallist still holds the world records. Cristiano ronaldo famously managed to reach a speed of. Enjoy a huge thanks to lucixm3ncull0 for the.

In an interview with spanish newspaper marca.

Cristiano Ronaldo E Usain Bolt Usain Bolt Usain Bolt Quotes Ronaldo

Usain Bolt And Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo Usain Bolt

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