Usain Bolt Meets Cristiano Ronaldo

Is cristiano ronaldo faster than usain bolt at the start of the race facebook. The 8 time gold medalist was doing an interview with.

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I explained to him a few things.

Usain bolt meets cristiano ronaldo. Eight time olympic champion and retired jamaican sprinter usain bolt believes that he would have lost to juventus football star cristiano ronaldo if they were to race now. The 22 year old jamaican world record holder spent the morning with the united players yesterday and bolt a huge fan advised ronaldo on his running technique. Usain bolt says cristiano ronaldo would for sure beat him in a foot race if the two decided to hit the track.

Usain bolt versus cristiano ronaldo in the 100. And yeah he s dead serious. The greatest footballer in recent time vs the fastest man alive which one do you prefer.

Cristiano ronaldo vs usain bolt speed testthis channel will be ipload video all about cristiano ronaldoif you real fan af cristiano ronaldo please subscrib. While cristiano ronaldo is still training every day at the age of 35 34 year old ex sprinter usain bolt bid adieu to his active career three years ago. Enjoy a huge thanks to lucixm3ncull0 for the.

Usain bolt says portugal star cristiano ronaldo would definitely beat him in a race. Olympic gold medalist usain bolt has claimed that juventus star and super athlete cristiano ronaldo would now beat him in a 100m sprint due to his relentless pursuit of physical perfection.

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Usain Bolt 100m Video Dailymotion

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