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This workout routine is what he does on the weekend when he is on the rest days and not practicing a lot. Cristiano ronaldo training gym abs speed workoutcristiano ronaldo motivation workout strengthmusic in this video channel.

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Whilst there are some workout routines online i thought i d go a bit more in depth by analysing each body part and selecting the right exercises to attain similar development.

Cristiano ronaldo workout training. Moreover he sleeps for at least 8 hours every night which gives his body enough rest to recover after a day s hard work. Cristiano ronaldo workout tips running is the best cardio workout. Jump to the routine.

Alternately consisting of warm up routines football practice cardio and weight training it puts those calories to use and keeps the famous athlete in top shape. The home workout of cristiano ronaldo contains doing five rounds of full body exercises that we will talk about in a few. Cristiano ronaldo s workout plan mix it up says cristiano ronaldo on training and his fitness regimen duly abides.

Cristiano ronaldo is one of if not the best football players in the world. Cristiano ronaldo workout schedule ronaldo s training philosophy is to work out 3 4 hours a day on 5 days of a week. Step up your workout repertoire with his very own bodyweight nike training club routine.

Must be done for average 25 30 minutes. Cristiano ronaldo s legs workout for sculpted quads and explosive power want the soccer star s agility and muscle definition. Cristiano ronaldo s workout routine in order to achieve a fat free athletic physique he has worked very hard in both the training grounds and gym.

3 4 hours of practice daily can be helpful is balancing fat levels. He also has a great physique that many guys would kill to have. Daily practice for 3 4 hours assuring a low fat level less than 10 percent.

His daily workout schedule is as follows.

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