Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo Who Is Better

They are pitched close to each other yet some factors differentiate them. He has 11 goals and a total of 48 shots on goals.

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Moreover messi makes better decisions.

Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo who is better. Reuters with six draws from the 12 players many were either unsure of who is truly. Cristiano ronaldo s has the following offensive skills he has 14 goals and a total of 23 shots on goals. His perfectly chiseled 6 foot 2 frame affords him the ability to score a greater variation of goals.

This results in a goal conversion rate of 11 11. Ronaldo manages to apply great power to his headers and scores higher in this category. Club assists when it comes to assists messi is much superior to ronaldo and that contrast has become increasingly stark as their respective roles evolve.

Expected goals can only be provided to logged in users. Lionel messi has the following offensive skills. As a soccer fan its best to gulp in all the magic created by lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo.

13 cristiano ronaldo has more goals than lionel messi in the club career. With both of them well over thirties it best to not miss their games as long as they are playing. When these two greats lock horns the world divides into two.

Messi s epa stands at 59 5 while ronaldo s is 50 4. Using a complex algorithm a company called goodcall values a player s decision making and efficiency per match epm. The debate regarding the greatness of cristiano ronaldo and lionel messi is never ending.

Standing 6 feet tall ronaldo is always going to be more effective in the air than messi who is a more diminutive 5 feet 4 inches tall. Messi has proven himself to be one of the best ever in spain but ronaldo was always the. The latter leads me to my opening argument.

Cristiano ronaldo vs lionel messi. 13 reasons why cristiano ronaldo is better than lionel messi. In this list we had an overview of the top 10 reasons why lionel messi is better than cristiano ronaldo.

12 ronaldo has proven himself in 4 different clubs in 4 different leagues. Lionel messi takes the win over old frenemy cristiano ronaldo according to those who ve played with both credit. Ronaldo has scored 660 goals in his club career while messi has scored 624 goals in his club career.

And in a question and answer on monday evening ozil argued that ronaldo was indeed better than messi. While messi is better than ronaldo in some cases there are a handful of reasons why ronaldo is better than messi. Ronaldo is a better athlete than messi.

This results in a goal conversion rate of 25 45 he had a total of 21 big chances.

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