Lebron James Vs Kobe Bryant Vs Michael Jordan

1 introduction 2 loading data 3 glossary 4 data analysis 5 summary 6 citations for used packages. Michael jordan and kobe bryant were still considered the franchise players of their squad.

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May 27 2018 kobe bryant decided to weigh in on the michael jordan vs.

Lebron james vs kobe bryant vs michael jordan. Lebron james debate after james reached his eighth straight nba finals on sunday night. Anyone who chooses either of the others are choosing based of nostalgia and emotion. Did you find this notebook useful.

Both kobe bryant and michael jordan had extraordinary early and middle years and had edge over. Kobe bryant bryant became the new giant after jordan and then passed the torch to james who developed a special bond with the retired lakers. Code input 1 execution info log comments 36 this notebook has been released under the apache 2 0 open source license.

Michael jordan was the greatest showman the nba had ever seen who took the league to new heights. The big dipper studio. The bridge between michael jordan and lebron james.

Lebron james meanwhile was still tagged as the best player in the world at 35. Michael jordan vs kobe bryant vs lebron james who is the greatest. For the career lebron james has assist average of 8 assists per game better than jordan s 5 3 apg and kobe s 4 7 apg.

Let s throw out some numbers real fast to compare these 3 best players of all time. Lebron is without doubt one of the greatest passers in the game and a much better passer than kobe or jordan. Michael jordan vs kobe bryant vs lebron james.

Smash the like button if you enoyed the nba 2k18 dunk contest also don t forget to subscribe for more daily nba content check out my last video. These numbers are as of the end of the 2017 2018 season since leb.

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