Lebron James Vs Michael Jordan Physical Stats

E g compare lebron james at age 28 to michael jordan at age 28 compare group of seasons e g compare lebron james from season 1 5 to michael jordan season 2 6. Playoff stats the playoff statistics mirror what jordan and james produce during the regular season.

Lebron James Has Better Stats Than Jordan And Kobe By Age 29 Kobe Bryant Lebron James Lebron James Stats Lebron James

Lebron james began his career with the cleveland cavaliers and current.

Lebron james vs michael jordan physical stats. Jordan went to the finals 6 times and astoundingly won. Michael jordan is widely considered to be the greatest player in nba history. Jordan lebron debate tackled by harvard and yale 6 40 michael jordan vs.

Cleveland cavaliers 2003 2010 2014 2018 miami heat 2010 2014 los angeles lakers 2018 present michael jordan. Lebron james vs michael jordan comparison. His shooting splits for his career are 50 from the floor 34 from three and 73 from the free throw line.

Lebron james vs michael jordan finals stats lebron james has been to the finals 10 times coming out with the championship on four occasions. Despite james increased usage and efficiency from beyond the. Chicago bulls 1984 1993 1994 1998 washington wizards 2001 2003.

Lebron james is one of the best basketball players currently active. In terms of scoring lebron james ranks higher than michael jordan as his field goal percentage shows he is a better scorer. The story is the same in the rebound as well.

Lebron james is a much more efficient player than michael jordan period. Lebron james the great est debate of our time is finally put to rest by the harvard and yale debate teams. Michael jordan comparison head to head comparison between the nba stars michael jordan and lebron james that includes championships won honors and awards obtained regular season and playoffs stats and other data put side by side.

Playoff advanced stats jordan is the all time playoff leader in per and box plus minus and he has the highest usage percentage. With no advantage over michael jordan in individual and team laurels lebron james claim to the goat lies in his stats which is impressive compared to michael jordan s. This is a comparison of their records.

But james tops everyone in vorp.

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