Cristiano Ronaldo Keine Tattoos

The poignant reason cristiano ronaldo doesn t have a tattoo the real madrid football star became a father for the fourth time last year march 27 2018 12 59 bst. He cares about health care and this is an important movement that shows that tattoos are not essential for any person or at least that is what he wants to tell people.

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Cristiano ronaldo does not have any tattoos and does not appear to be interested in getting any.

Cristiano ronaldo keine tattoos. In that regard he differs from rival players such as lionel messi neymar and antoine griezmann. Cristiano ronaldo posts images on instagram when he makes the donation and that is really helpful to his personal image and brand. Ronaldo who is also a bone marrow donor decided to first donate.

In many countries a new tattoo can affect how often a person. Ronaldo revealed early on in his career that the reason he doesn t have any tattoos is so that he can donate blood more frequently. Ronaldo known for his efforts to help children overcome debilitating diseases skips the ink so that he can continue to donate blood.

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