Lebron James Nike Commercial Humble Beginnings

Nike is drawing some criticism for its new ad featuring lebron james in which the nba superstar suggests that there shouldn t be humble beginnings news unspun. Nike releases a powerful lebron james ad about the kid from akron.

Lebron James Talks Humble Beginnings In Nike Commercial

Nba s lebron james stars in the latest nike ad that features the decorated nba champion s humble beginning story from growing up as a unprivileged kid in ohio to his dominance at the highest level.

Lebron james nike commercial humble beginnings. His latest commercial for nike does just that and at the end it features a close up of james making a statement. No more humble beginnings. In the video lebron narrates through his 17 year career while highlighting one of his greatest achievements off the court with his i promise school.

That s a very different kind of american dream. Lacorte news is an alternative to the mainstream liberal narrative paying special attention to media hypocrisy social media hollywood and academia. Last week lebron james took instagram to share his nike commercial about how he came from humble beginnings and how he wants to create more success stories that do not include struggling.

Former cleveland cavaliers star lebron james and his i promise school were featured in a nike commercial released thursday morning. But a full on commitment to making the elimination of humble beginnings into reality would mean lebron james becoming the first billionaire socialist. What would be truly special though according to james is if there were no more humble beginnings.

The 1 400 kids james references are part of the lebron james family foundation s i promise program as well as the kids that are currently enrolled at the i promise. Powerful commercial that focuses on james not just as a basketball megastar but as someone who started with humble. Of course what james means by no more humble beginnings is the hope that children don t have to be as poor and disadvantaged as he was growing up as a young child in akron.

17 years ago nike took a chance on a kid from akron. Lebron james details his and other athletes journeys to prominence from humble beginnings. 11 22 am est december 19 2019.

In his latest commercial from nike james asks what if there were no more humble beginnings the commercial s central theme narrated by james is an athlete s humble beginnings and how. These stories of beating the odds are often used to capture the essence of the american dream and display the inevitability of special people succeeding.

Lebron James Issues Powerful Message In Epic Humble Beginnings Nike Commercial

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