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You guys are a bunch of jokers. As did his father lebron.

Pic Of Lebron James Biological Father Anthony Mcclelland Nba

However there was a short news story about it.

Lebron james father reddit. No human being should possess his combination of size strength and athleticism. Nah i ain t never had one of those. Bivens was killed when lebron was 8 so there s no way of testing him and knowing for certain.

The video goes into detail about why it seems like its him but basically this was a guy that went to hs with lebron s mother played on the state championship basketball team and allegedly dated lebron s mother for some time. See photo linked roland bivens. James enjoyed the championship celebration with his three children but made no mention of his.

He got killed when lebron was 8 years old but looks most like him. I am dead serious. Either way makes who lebron is a person even more incredible.

Bivens family firmly believes bron bron is a bivens. Larsa drama aside bronny had been mostly silent on social media ever since lebron returned from the nba bubble a few months back. Lebron talks about how difficult it was to sneak into clubs as an nba rookie because everyone knew his real age.

I believe lebron was grown in a test tube and then artificially implanted into gloria james and carried to term. Apparently it is a long running rumor belief around akron that lebron s father was a man named roland bivins. Asked about having a fake id.

The third guy roland bivens seems the most likely imo. Help reddit app reddit coins reddit premium reddit gifts. Bronny james the son of los angeles lakers superstar lebron james was trending on sunday but it had nothing to do with basketball.

Seems like nobody knows for sure. Many assumed that this quietness was due to lebron punishing his 16 year old for having a little too much fun while he was gone but that was never actually confirmed. Lebron james won his third nba title on father s day 2016 but there was no mention of his father.

Rumors began to circulate that the 16 year old was shooting. That s all i could find though. I looked somewhere else and read that roland was around 6 3 which totally checks out at least more so than anthony.

Lebron S Biological Father Nba

Who Is Lebron James Father Nba

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